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Segunda Division Mid-Season Awards: Best Club

sólo fútbol
Creative Commons License photo credit: ruurmo

Briefly lets take a look at the best squads in the Segunda Division:

1)  Hercules

Living up to there name Hercules has been the top offense and defense this season and the club is 11-1-1 at home.  Last year they were robbed with a 4th place finish in the league, but this season they have an 8 point advantage over the rest of the pack.

2)  Real Sociedad

Always a strong second division club Sociedad was on the top level three years ago, but recently finishing just out of promotion on the second teir has been their thing.  Hopefully this year they can change that trend and earn a spot on the top level once again. 

3)  FC Cartagena

If the season ended today then FC Cartagena would be in the top division next season.  But there is still a lot of football left and this relatively  unknown squad will have to continue to prove that they are the second best offense.

4)  Levante

The club was the last place squad in the Primera Division two years ago and finished in 8th place last year in the Segunda Division.  Continuing to improve, but I don;t think they have the offensive firepower to advance.  Only 4 points back though.

5)  Numancia

Last season’s 19th place squad on the top division knows all about performing well on the second level.  After all the club won the league two years ago to gain promotion.  But this year they are currently nine points back from first place and have a lot of ground to make up.