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Segunda Division Mid-Season Awards: Best Club Stats

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Paulo Brandão

First off, Hercules has been the best squad this season in nearly every statistic and is in a well deserved position of first place right now.  But what about the rest of the squads contending for postseason awards.  Lets break it down:


Hercules leads the league by a mere three goals over two squads this season.  Those two clubs are FC Cartagena and Rayo Vallecano.  Cartagena is on pace to finish in the promotional ranks this season, but Rayo has actually struggled to middle of the pack results this season.  You probably guessed why too.  Rayo has given up nearly as many goals as they have scored this season.


Hercules leads over second place squad Real Sociedad by a single goal this season and two more teams trail by just another goal proving that it truly is a tight race this season in the goals conceded department.  Sociedad also has an above average offense, but their main attribute to their success is their inability to give up many goals.  The club is averaging less then one per game this year on defense.


No surprises here either.  Hercules and Real Sociedad have dominated this season and both clubs have won 13 matches.  Hercules has dominated more then Real on the home front, but the second place squad has a much better road record.  Hercules has 8 draws on the road this season.  Very bizarre.


Finally a stat that is not dominated by Hercules. Castellon has only won four matches this season and the club only has won a single match on the road.  They still have a shot at survival, but they need to overcome six points right now in order to succeed at that.