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Seedorf Unhappy With Milan’s Over-reliance On Ibrahimovic

Clarence Seedorf has lashed out at his team for their over reliance on Swede striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic. I have to agree  that the Rossoneri are treading on slippery ground with their continued reliance on Ibra.

Ibrahimovic was the hero a fortnight ago when Milan hosted Auxerre at the San Siro. The Swede scored a brace in the second half to help his side onto a 2-0 victory. In Milan’s last two games against Lazio and Genoa it was Ibra’s goals that earned the rossoneri a point.

Speaking to Sky Sport after the match, Seedorf was visibly upset with his side’s performance.

“I did not like what we produced this evening. We tried to play with too many long balls,” Seedorf told Sky Sport after the match. “We cannot always think that Ibrahimovic will resolve the issues in every match.”

With Pato expected back from injury this weekend, we could see Allegri change his formation again. Pato’s absence from Milan’s last three games has been greatly missed and could signal the end of the Rossoneri’s poor run.

This of course means more player rotations. Ronaldinho was the most notable absentee on Tuesday night with Allegri optin to start with Robinho in his place.

Seedorf however maintained that Allegri’s 4-3-3 formation would not create any problems for the team.

“Milan has always played this formation,” he added. “Allegri knows that we have a team who can fit into this formation, even if from the start of the season, he has changed things slightly.”

Allegri’s problem arises from the fact that he has not yet found that winning formula. With players like Inzaghi, Dinho, Prince, Robinho and Ibra, Milan have what it takes to win both the Serie A and the Champions League.

That said, what the fans would really love is from the Rossoneri is for them to win the Scudetto. Milan last won this title 6 years ago and the pressure to win this piece of silverware has never been greater. This time round there is no excuse.

Photo credit: from dcunited