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Seedorf Downplays Milan Derby

The Milan derby is a couple of days away and already the tension is starting to build up. Both Milan and Inter have been switching positions in the league table these past few weeks and many including myself believe that however wins this mammoth clash at the San Siro on Sunday, will have a good shot at winning the title.

Speaking to Corrie Dello Sport,Milan midfielder Clarence Seerdorf downplayed the match saying that every game was important.

“It will not be a match that is more important than any other,”

“All the games we play are worth the same because we can aim to get points in the league.

“Milan wants to fight until the end in the league, and wants to compete with everyone until the last matchday.”

Milan are currently in second position in the table one point ahead of arch rivals Inter. Lazio remain leaders despite losing to Roma on Sunday.

Elsewhere, Milan Vice President Adriano Galliani said that the Rossoneri have what it takes to win the Scudetto. Milan lost won the title in 2004 at the height of their dominance but have since failed to provide strong competition for the likes of Juventus and Inter.

“Milan are capable of fighting for the Scudetto like the other big teams,”

“We did well against Bari, scoring three goals, even though we missed plenty.”

Flippo Inzaghi has enjoyed recent radiance, and his future is not in doubt.

“Will he leave Milan? I have already told him that we will not send him away. He will stay with us,” Galliani told La Gazetto Dello Sport.

Photo credit: from dcunited