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SATO Wednesday WAG: Marta Cecchetto (08/19)

The Beauty: Born in Foligno, Ms. Marta Cecchetto is one of the WAGs who made a name for herself by doing something other than simply snagging a soccer star. She has modeled for all of the big designers, been on the cover of all the hot magazines and hosted popular television shows throughout Europe. Personally, I am a huge fan of hers because she is one of the world’s most beautiful gingers. We birds of a feather must always flock together.

The Beast: Cecchetto captured the attention of Italian National Team star Luca Toni nine years ago, making their long relationship one of the longest between WAG and galactico (Becks and Posh have qualified for their 100 Year Anniversary by now, at least compared to most celebrities). Living in the public eye is hard, and Toni and Cecchetto have had their private problems aired publicly, but they have stayed strong and will marry soon.

The Bard: Ms. Cecchetto and Mr. Toni are a beloved couple in , so I will donate this short poem to them (but mostly her):

Marta Cecchetto had conquered the fashion world before taking on Mr. Toni.

Though other girls tried to capture his heart, it was she who made him most bony.

For that last rude rhyme, I hope you do know that I am very, very sorry.

Sometimes I lack decor when I see a woman like Marta, sexy and starry.

It was never my intention to turn this poem into something that could injure.

I just wanted to pen a lyrical lesson about one historically hot ginger.