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SATO Wednesday WAG: Debora Salvalaggio (08/26)

The Beauty: When you are as beautiful as Ms. Debora Salvalaggio (or “DS” for brevity’s sake), you have a ton of guys competing for you. So, it should come as no surprise that DS has been linked with not one, not two, but four Serie A stars. Why not? After all, she was named Miss (a frequent item ofn Italian WAGs’ resumes) and she is a model sought after by photographers the world over. Oh, and in addition to her Italian 4, she has snared one Portugese star.

The Beast: The man from Portugal who recently reeled DS in is Vitor Hugo Gomes Pacos (who is known as “Pele”, so you know he has skills). He is an Inter youngster with untapped promise. DS also previously dated Italian stars Christian Vieri and Pippo Inzaghi (a frequent name mentioned in this area… that bastard). While she claims some of the players she is linked to were never her lovers, one can see why those players are not claiming the same.

The Bard: DS is a beauty with few peers, so I must write a riveting short rhyme for her:

A WAG so beautiful that she won a multitude of world beauty titles,

DS has curves that spur the heart, and even in dead men can restore vitals,

While gazing at her photos many young men have often prayed,

That nude modeling was one activity that would not make DS afraid.

Their prayers were answered and she often poses for pics without her top.

Who in the world would make her cover up? Certainly not an Italian cop.