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SATO Wednesday WAG: Alessia Ventura

Alessia Ventura is our 3rd SATO WAG of the Week, and she certainly deserves the honor. Born in April 1980, she started as a teen model, became a showgirl at age 16 after being discovered by talent scouts, and ended up a TV hostess and world ranked WAG. She now hosts an MTV show and appears on many variety programs in Italy.

Ventura’s modeling career has never hit a rough spot either, and she is renowned as one of the most beautiful women in not just Italy, but the entire world. Her beauty has led many Italian soccer stars to woo her, including Gianluca Vialli and Filippo Inzaghi, with whom she has a son. Inzaghi has one a World Cup yet…

I imagine Ms. Ventura was his most coveted trophy. They say of Inzaghi that “he was not enamored with the goal, the goal was enamored with him.” But, I bet Inzaghi was enamored with Ms. Ventura. How could he not have been? She’s a WAG of the finest caliber, and I think she certainly deserves her position on this list.

Ventura joins the ranks of our other two SATO WAGS of the Week, so we now have a trio of beauties enshrined in our Hall of Hotness. Two of those ladies are named Alessia too, so I am thinking it could be the hottest name in the world. Will any more Alessia’s make the list? You will have to keep coming back to SATO on Wednesdays to find out.