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SATO Wednesday WAG: Alessia Marcuzzi

Alessia Marcuzzi is the focus of our 2nd installment of the SATO WAG of the Week Series. Ms. Marcuzzi was born on November 11, 1972 (that’s right, she’s freaking almost 40 and still that hot) and she is best known for her role as TV hostess of Grand Fratello, Italy’s version of Big Brother. It’s too bad we can’t watch her every move on TV screens.

Marcuzzi rose to fame as a showgirl, but she has parlayed her hot body into a successful acting career. She appeared in the popular 1998 Italian film Il Mio West and she was on a TV program called Tequila and Bonetti, which sounds like an Italian Starsky & Hutch or Tango & Cash. I’d like to drink tequila with her and introduce her to my friend…

Mr. Bonetti. Sorry, that was terrible.

In any event, Ms. Marcuzzi makes this list of waggish beauties because she has bagged not one but two top Italian players. She had a child years ago with Simone Inzaghi (so she’s also a MILF of historic proportions), and now she is hooking up with Carlo Cudicini. How could they not be attracted to Ms. Marcuzzi and her attractive assets.

So, Mr. Marcuzzi is our 2nd SATO WAG of the Week, and I think she deserves the honor. Come back next Wednesday to meet our 3rd gorgeous gal, and until then keep coming back to SATO for the best Serie A news, analysis, and – yes – fine females.