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SATO Wednesday WAG: Elena Barolo (10/28)

The Beauty: Elena Barolo is a simply stunning Serie A WAG. Thankfully, she – like almost every other SATO Wednesday WAG – has no phobia when it comes to modeling in the buff. In fact, Elena is about as prolific a nude model as one can claim to be. She’s also appeared on a news program in , but she’s no Walter Cronkite. Nope, she was on a show where the anchors were all hot models who would strip. Now that is what I call hard-hitting journalism.  

The Beast: Pippo Inzaghi, how do I despise thee? Let me count the ways! I despise that you fooled around with Ms. Barolo and about a baker’s dozen of other girls on SATO’s Wednesday WAG shrine. I despise that you are offsides more often than you are on. I despise your accent. I said it. In addition, Roberto Stellone, I have beef with you too! You also dated Elena, but you play for Torino and you aren’t even that talented. Alas, you still bagged Barolo though. Touche.

The Bard: Miss Barolo’s beauty cannot be captured in rhyme magically, but abracadabra:

Elena was pursuing a degree in finance when she discovered her true passion.

Instead of business suits and board meetings, she wanted high heels and fashion.

She easily transitioned into the modeling world due to the fact she is quite hot.

Now that she’s dated two Serie A stars she has sort of become Italy’s WAG mascot.

But unlike mascots, she’s not freaky, unless you count the girls’ needs to which she tends.

I pray that the reports are true that she and WAG Giorgio Palmas are more than “just friends”.