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SATO Wednesday WAG: Manuela Arcura (10/21)

The Beauty: Hey! Eyes over here! I know it is hard for you to take them off of Miss Manuela Arcura though. She is, after all, one of the most gorgeous gals in the Serie A WAG club. Unlike many of the empty headed WAGs though, Arcura is an enlightened thinker and accomplished actress. Sure, she has also done some nude modeling, which doesn’t sound so classy. But, in , when girls have confidence and time to kill, nude modeling is just what they do.  

The Beast: Francesco Coco is the beast who bested the other beasts to capture Ms. Arcura’s attention – at least temporarily. Coco is a “retired” defender who spent stints with , , Inter and Livorno. I say he is “retired” because he would probably take the pitch again if extended the right offer. He never really made a big splash with the Italian National Team, but he had a decent career with few regrets. Well, except for maybe losing Manuela.

The Bard: Manuela is a talented, beautiful performer, so here is my tribute to her.

Manuela Arcura is not a trophy wife, but she may one day win her own trophy for a movie.

Oscar dreams dance in her head because she’s a brilliant actress who looks groovy.

Her eyes could turn you to stone, and her fantastic figure your heart could melt.

And if you messed with her, she’d kick your ass because she’s a black belt.

But if you are a desirable bachelor, you probably have nothing to worry about honey.

Just so long as you can appear respectable and always spend large volumes of money.