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SATO Wednesday WAG: Francesca Lodo (09/23)

The Beauty: Francesca Lodo is a former Miss . She won the tiara ten years ago, and she looks like she does in the pic to the left today, which is an amazing feat. She is perhaps the hottest of all the Italian WAGs, and she has made quite a name for herself in the modeling world. She has also appeared on reality shows (Italy’s version of The Simple Life) and starred in a movie with Daryl Hannah (but not a good one). She’s a flawless WAG and maybe the sexiest.

The Beast: Ms. Lodo snagged herself Javier Zanetti, the Argentine right back who has been with Inter for almost 15 years. Though they have since broken up, Lodo and Zanetti had a whirlwind romance; a “fling” of sorts. Zanetti’s relationship with Inter has been far from a fling, as he has taken the pitch for the Italian goliath over 450 times (and over 130 times for ARG). In short, Zanetti is one of the world’s greatest soccer talents. But, he couldn’t keep Lodo. 

The Bard: Francesca deserves more than a mere rhyme or two, but this is all I could muster:

Not only is Miss Lodo as hot as sin, but fellow Italian WAG Giorgio Palmas is her kin.

When men meet those two cousins on the street, their situation definitely becomes win-win.

Most average men don’t seem to give a damn that Ms. Lodo has undergone a boob job.

But then again, Francesca wouldn’t even care about the opinion of some overweight slob.

Though beautiful, Ms. Lodo has often been criticized for her problem with cocaine.

I hope she can escape from her demons as it is sad to see a beauty with such pain.