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SATO Wednesday WAG: Giorgia Palmas

A few weeks ago, I did a four part series on the WAGs of Serie A. Let’s just say, some of our readers let me know that I aroused their interest in Italian soccer with my hard-hitting journalism. So, I decided to extend the series with a new blog on Wednesdays where I focus on one of Italy’s hottest soccer WAGs. I hope it’ll help you get over your hump day.

So, without further ado, our first SATO Wednesday WAG is Ms. Giorgia Palmas. Ms. Palmas was born on March 5, 1982 in Cagliari. I don’t know if she grew up rooting for Cagliari, but I know she she roots for David Bombardini’s side now. He’s a real lucky bastard if you ask me, and when he scored with her it was by far his greatest goal.

Ms. Palmas was once considered one of the two most beautiful women on the entire globe (at least according to Donald Trump’s pageant officials). She finished second at the 2000 Miss World Pageant. Miss India took her down that day though. As for Ms. Palmas, she can take me down any time she likes. Bombardini won’t do anything, after all…

He will have already flopped as well. So, Ms. Palmas has become the first waggish winner of the SATO Wednesday WAG of the Week Award. I think she is a deserving candidate too, and certainly more deserving than Miss India. I’ll see you all again next week when another WAG of the World is enshrined. Until then, keep enjoying the beautiful game.

And the beautiful ladies, of course.