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Francesco Totti Wins Golden Foot Prize

Francesco Totti has only played for one team in his entire career.  N0 transfers or brief loans in his youth, Totti has been with Roma for a very impressive nineteen straight seasons.

Eleven of those years Totti surpassed ten goals.  And three of those eleven seasons Totti surpassed twenty goals and was a contender for the Golden Boot Award.   In 2006-2007 Totti moved from secondary striker to lone striker and scored 26 goals and was awarded the high honor (the only time in his career).  Totti may not have all the hardware that some of the other top forwards do from his era, but the guy has hoisted the Serie A title once and had his fair share of runner-up seasons (5).  He also has won the Italian Footballer of the Year Award five different times and the Serie A Footballer of the Year Award twice.

Just this week Totti was honored with the Golden Foot Prize awarded to a footballer over the age of 29 which resembles “great technical skills, uprightness and fair play, popularity and international reputation with a successful career and credible personal achievements with club and country.” Oh and did I mention that Totti kicked Mario Balotelli in the testicles last season? 

Totti is so good that even though he performed that red card worthy manuever he still managed to win this award less then a year later. But as stated earlier, the real reason why Totti is one of the greatest Serie A strikers/attacking midfielders is for his consistent ability to score and setup massive number of goals year in and year out.  The Roma man is in the top eight players all time in Serie A goals and he is proving at 34 years old that he still has a little bit of gas still left in the tank.  Totti has over 190 league goals in his career and well over 240 total goals including league and national team tournaments. Imagine how many more goals Totti may have scored in his prime if he had moved from secondary striker to striker before 2006.

But despite Roma’s reeling start this season, Totti is one of the most respected players in the modern day game and is an iconic figure that young attacking midfielders and secondary strikers across the globe model their game after.