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SATO Serie A Top Performers

Francesco Totti

At thirty-three Totti is getting to that ancient age in European football, but the striker has not showed any signs of slowing down.  After eight matches the star forward has nine goals giving him one of the most impressive goals per game average in the world.  Last weekends performance against an underrated Bari club didn’t hurt the Italian nationals statistical line either.  Totti achieved the hat trick in the first half of play as his AS Roma squad continued pushing up the board with a critical 3-1 victory over the new boys.

Simon Tiribocchi

At thirty-five years old Simone Tiribocchi is no spring chicken either, but just like Totti the forward is proving to be like a fine Italian wine (getting better with age).  Tiribocchi has been on several teams in his career including Lecce last year, but maybe the forward has found a home with Atalanta.  Tiribocchi is fighting the good fight for the squad and they look like they can possibly avoid relegation if they keep at it.  The squad won a big road match over Siena last weekend and it was the old man that they can thank for the leading goal.  Tiribocchi has five goals now on the year.


Its not often that a squad makes the list despite losing a league match, but Fiorentina won a critical UEFA Champions League match on Tuesday and secured a place in the final sixteen squads for the final stages of the grand tournament.  Congrats on the victory boys!