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SATO Serie A Top Performers

Mauro German Camoranesi

He is one of the most recognizable players still battling week by week in Serie A and Camoranesi simply knows how to get the job done.  Usually though the thirty-three year old midfielder’s assignment is feeding the ball to other star players, but last weekend against Atalanta Camoranesi decided to get the job done himself.  Camoranesi scored two of his three goals of the year and led Juventus to a 5-2 victory.  Diego was able to get on the board as well which was his first goal since he came back from injury as Juventus inched closer to first place Inter with the victory.

Hernan Crespo

Well he doesn’t get as many minutes now as he did back in his prime, but Hernan Crespo has proved several times in his career that he is an excellent goal scorer.  Crespo had his second two goal game of the year for Genoa as they easily handled Siena 4-2 in their home match.  Crespo should expect to see some more starts with positive results like that and the Argentina star is still in the running for best player 34 & Over..

Marcelo Zalayeta

Zalayeta was finally able to get on the board this year as Bologna took home a rare win from Palermo 3-1 and the thirty year old is the one to thank.  Zalayeta scored two goals in the match doubling his total on the year and putting him just one goal behind Marco Di Vaio who scored as well.  Not too shabby of a performance for the former Juventus reserve.