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SATO Serie A Top Performers

Marek Hamsik

What a weekend for young Marek Hamsik.  The twenty-two year old midfielder of Napoli had one of the best halfs in his promising career against a legendary opponent.  Hamsik led Napoli to the second half victory over Juventus thanks to scoring two goals in the last thirty one minutes of regulation.  Down to 2-0, Hamsik would score the first goal in the 59th minute and the eventual game winner in the 90th minute to seal the victory for the huge underdogs.  Hamsik now has seven goals on the year and has been one of the best midfielders in the league so far.

Marco Borriello

You got to root for guys like Borriello because all though they are great they often never get a chance on a squad like Milan.  Borriello has never scored ten goals in a season for Milan, but that is becasue Milan has never given Borriello ten starts in a single season.  In his only season that he was allowed to play (on loan for Genoa) the striker scored an impressive 19 goals.  Borriello might get more chances now.  Last weekend the striker found the net the only two times in Milan’s match against Parma and now the often benched striker has two goals for the season.  Hopefully he continues to get chances to improve on this result.


In his debut Serie A season, Nene has proven to be the lucky charm for club Cagliari.  In the three matches the striker has scored in Cagliari has won all three.  Last weekend was the first time that Nene would score twice though in the club’s win over recently luke warm Atalanta.  Nene has four goals on the year and he looks to score at least fifteen by season’s end.