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SATO Serie A Top Performers

Alexandre Pato

Pato has had a decent start so far this year, but I must admit I thought the SATO Best Player 21 & Under would have even better numbers then he currently does.  Milan has struggled with finding a consistent scorer this year and the club needs Pato to become one of those go-to guys.  He had fifteen goals last season and at only twenty years old has a chance to become a two time SATO Best Player 21 & Under.  That is as long as Pato can continue to improve.  Last weekend he came up big for Miland with a game winner against AS Roma in the second half.  Pato has three goals in eight matches so far thsi season.

Inter Offense

This one seems to be a staple every week.  Inter has proven time and time again that they have an offense that features more goal scorers then any other Italian squad.  Last weekend they would benefit from five different goal scorers (Cambiasso, Balotelli, Stankovic, Vieira, Maicon) and the club would roll to a 5-o road win.  They stand atop the table and look like an unmovable squad right now.

Simone Tiribocchi

Tiribocchi doesn’t get enough love from the SATO, but then again it is hard to get props when your team never wins.  But that has changed for Simone and Atalanta as they pulled off the upset road win over Udinese 3-1.  Tiribocchi scored the first goal of the match and it was his third goal of the season.  Also Diego Deascentis scored as well.  And it was his first match of the season.  Not a bad goal for game average.