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SATO Serie A Top Performers

Wesley Sneijder

What a crazy year it has been for Wesley Sneijder.  Originally a member of , Sneijder went into this season thinking he had a bunch of new superstar teammates, but unfortunately when all this money is being spent it means that guys like Sneijder become expendable.  The attacking midfielder did not want to leave , but needing the money he was sold anyway.  So Sneijder ended up with a bunch of new superstar teammates in .  The midfielder is not sulking about the transfer so far this year.  already a key component of the club’s offense, Sneijder rewarded his new club with three points this last weekend by putting away the game winner in the 90th minute against .  The transfer has already paid off for Inter this season.

Francesco Totti

After a terrible start to the year Francesco Totti is turning it all around for .  Totti and are the league’s hottest club right now and haven’t lost in around a month of play.  Also Roma currently shares a joint lead with Inter in total goals scored and much of the credit deserves to go to Totti.  Totti scored two goals last weekend and led his club past 2-1.


Palermo has not had the strong start they had hoped for and currently reside in the middle-of-the-pack.  But the club did dodge a bullet last weekend when they handed a 2-0 loss.   Juve is struggling to field a team right now with many key players out of the lineup, but anytime you beat Juve you deserve the honor of Top Performer of the Week.