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SATO’s Player Profile of the Week: Adrian Mutu

Unfortunately for Mutu, if you google the guys name all that comes up is articles on doping or altercations with waiters.  What can you say about the Fiorentina forward?  He’s had a history of trouble and its his own fault.

Back when he was with Chelsea he made a big mistake and he is still paying for it today.  Literally. Mutu’s (or Murgu as he is often called) failed drug test for cocaine over five years back recently made the news around a year back when Chelsea won a breach of contract case forcing the star to repay the club the large debt that they had paid to get him in the first place.  The amount owed is a FIFA record and some reports claim that Mutu doesn’t have any feasible way to repay the debt, but for now the Romanian star will have to take it one season at a time especially with a nagging knee injury. Of course considering he was recently banned from Serie A for nine months due to failing yet another drug test (Mutu used an illegal dietary supplemant that sheds weight quickly), I’d say that the player certainly didn’t help that debt out too much by his poor judgement.

Although Mutu is as famous for his antics off of the pitch as much as on it (he just last week was accused of breaking a waiter’s nose right before his suspension had ended), the Romanian striker has been one of the most talented and also well traveled Serie A players (along with obviously being one of the most troubled).  He has played for five different top level Italian squads (Inter, Verona, Parma, Juventus, Fiorentina) and scored at least ten goals for all but one.  In fact the star forward had only had two seasons heading into last year where he had not scored 10 goals and started over 15 matches in his career.  So if he’s in there, he likely will help you out.  But Mutu’s problem over his career is that he is often out of matches either due to his bad knees or because of his troubles off of the pitch and history of doping.

With 91 career goals heading into this season, Mutu was hoping to eclipse the centennial mark following his most recent nine month ban for doping. This weekend his Fiorentina side will go to Catania and the troubled forward is going to make the trip and is expected to play. It will be interesting to see if the Romanian can eclipse 100 career Serie A goals this season and also help support his team’s climb out of the relegation zone. With around 30 potential starts to be had in league play, Mutu will likely fail short of the mark but give his team the proper push in the right direction regardless of the milestone.

But despite his checkered past, his presence is needed in Fiorentina.