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SATO Serie A Picks of the Week

That’s right it’s the best time of the week because it’s the end of the week.  So lets take a look and see what this weekend has in store for our Serie A fans…

Sampdoria has been the real deal so far this season and currently sit in second place behind Inter.  The squad will continue their winning ways this weekend over Bologna who has been a disappointment so far this season.  Having a new coach will not help this week and the final will be 3-0 Sampdoria.  AS Roma faces last place Livorno in a home match that heavily favors AS Roma.  So do we.  Roma will win 4-1. 

Atalanta was sitting right where Livorno was a week ago, but they won over Udinese so they moved up a little bit.  But I wouldn’t bet on them beating Parma.  Parma has been a nice surprise this year and sit in fifth place.  Parma wins 1-0 over the one win squad.  Fourth place Fiorentina faces Napoli in a match that could put the home squad in the top three with a victory.  They tied last week against Juventus, but they will beat Napoli 2-0.

Despite the injuries, Juventus should win as well.  They face Siena on the road, but even if it was just their reserves Juve can give anyone a tough test.  Juve will win 2-0 on the road.  And I’ll likely never pick against Inter.  Especially after their performance last weekend against Genoa.  Inter’s O should explode for four goals against a weak Catania squad.

As for the final four matches: Palermo will edge out Udinese 2-1, AC Milan will shutout Chievo Verona 1-0, Lazio will win on the road over Bari 2-1, and Genoa will as well against Cagliari 2-1.