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SATO Serie A Matches of the Week

Well it’s still very early in the Serie A season, but now that we have reached the end of the transfer deadline we at least have an idea of what road lies ahead of the clubs.  This weekend many teams will get chance to make an early impression on the league table.  Right now there are only four clubs that still have a perfect record.

Lazio: Juventus

This competition between two of the only unbeatens is considered the SATO Match of the Week.  Both clubs are 2-0 heading into this competition and whoever wins this match will obviously be on the top of the leader board. Cruz was an excellent addition to Lazio and gives the club some much needed offensive firepower.  The Inter transfer scored twice in his last match as did Juventus’ own transfer midfielder Diego.  Juventus is considered the stronger squad, but Lazio will look to level that advantage out by playing on the home pitch.

Siena-AS Roma

With a new manager leading Roma for the first time, this game has added significance.  Also before the season began many thought this match would be a blowout despite Siena’s home field advantage.  Roma is in last place in the group table and has hardly looked like a top six finishing squad.  If Roma drops this one to a beatable road opponent then the ditch just got a lot deeper to climb out of.


Udinese is another club that is way to good not to have a win after two weeks.  Especially since Antonio Di Natale has scored three goals in league matches for the club already this season.  But this should be the strong club’s chance at achieving victory over a struggling 0-2 opponent.