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SATO Serie A Matches of the Week (Nov 28-29)


Fiorentina had a nice UEFA Champions League week of action with a victory and a spot in the playoff knockout round of the tournament; whereas Inter suffered a small setback with a tough loss to Barcelona placing them in second place in their group.  But when it comes to league football the Inter giants have no worries.  Currently with a five point lead over Juventus the squad is in position A right now and a win this weekend over a tough opponent only further seals that pole position of the league.  Inter is number one in both goals scored and fewest goals given up, so I’d expect the repeat champs to step up to the plate and take another three points in this home match.

Final Prediction: Inter 2-0


Juventus must go on the road this weekend and face-off against underrated Cagliari.  The second place squad is still far from perfectly healthy, but they have been great so far on the road only losing a single match and winning four.  Cagliari, on the other hand, is currently in eighth place and beginning to believe that they are a top ten team by season’s end.  Expect this one to be closer then you think, but I got to take the tough road opponent over the mediocre club at home.

Final Prediction: Juve 1-0


Genoa hasn’t disappointed at home this year (4-1-1) and the squad looks to beat a lingering Sampdoria squad when they are not at their best.  Sampdoria has a -6 goal differential on the road which doesn’t bode well for the struggling squad. Especially since the squad’s home goal difference is +10.  Got to go with the home field advantage in this match.

Final Predicition: Genoa 2-1