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SATO Serie A Matches of the Week (JAN 16-17)

Anorthosis 3 - Inter Milan 3
Creative Commons License photo credit: Jorge-11


It is not often that the two best defenses face-off against one another.  And going into the year nobody would have thought of bestowing such a slogan to the likes of Bari.  But the newboys have fought their heart out and are currently one of the only clubs in a major league to not allow more then 20 total goals.  Of course this is about to change this weekend because they are not only playing against the joint lead for best defense, but also for the single lead in both total goals scored and most importantly wins achieved this season.  It has been a great year for Bari, but don’t expect much out of them this weekend.

Final Predicition: Inter 2-0


Maybe the hottest Serie A club in Roma will do battle with a tough middle of the road opponent in Genoa this upcoming weekend.  Roma has played like a top four club over the last few months and expect top four results as well.  Totti perhaps is the best single Serie A player and he will try to prove this theory to be correct once again.  Never bet against the hot club at home.  Roma should put on an offensive display much like Milan’s a week back against the same opponent.

Final Predicition: Roma 3-1

Chievo Verona-Juventus

Will this be the last match of Ferrara’s career with Juve?  Lets hope not.  But if Juve continues to play with the dismal style they have shown over the last month Ferrara will likely be gone soon.  This match against the 13th place Chievo might have more at stake then most people think.

Final Prediction: 1-0 Juventus