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SATO Serie A Matches of the Week (Feb 12-14)

The moment has come...
Creative Commons License photo credit: Abdullah AL-Naser

AC Milan-Udinese

Lets start off with a beloved Friday match that pits third place Milan against relegation bubble Udinese.  This match had more promise for top four results at the beginning of the year, but the fascinating match-up will be Milan’s tough defense against leading score in Serie A Di Natale.  Udinese has struggled to find a secondary scorer this season and the tough defense of Milan will likely focus their attention on Di Natale and shut down the rest of Udinese’s struggling squad.

Final Prediction: Milan 2-0

AS Roma-Palermo

Palermo has quietly climbed up the board into fifth place and the scent of Champions League football is awfully close to their noses, but this weekend they play one of the hottest clubs over the last few months in any major league in Roma.  Roma is on a rampage with a 13 match unbeaten streak that dates back to October.  Also Roma has won five of five matches and losing doesn’t seem to be an issue for the shaky first two month club.  You can’t bet against a hot streak like that.

Final Prediction: Roma 3-1


Sampdoria has climbed back up to six place despite the lack of Cassano being in the lineup over the last three matches.  Fiorentina has disappointed this year and have dropped all the way back to eleventh place on the board this year.  In fact the club is not guaranteed anything this year and need to turn it around this week.  And why not pick the squad to pull off the away upset? 

Final Prediction: Fiorentina 2-1