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SATO Serie A Matches of the Week (Feb 6-7)

Italia Fever
Creative Commons License photo credit: Ali Brohi


Fiorentina was one of the hottest clubs over the first quarter of the season, but over the last few months they have been one of the biggest disappointments in Serie A and have dropped back all the way to eleventh place going into this weekend.  Roma has been the exact opposite recently winning nearly every match they have played in over the last few months and erasing a poor start to the season.  Fiorentina still is alive in hopes of all three critical trophies, but the squad needs to prove that they have what it takes to turn it around in the league this weekend. 

Final Prediction: Roma 2-1


Cagliari is one of those clubs that quietly wins matches and remains under the radar.  They have top ten potential and will compete with Sampdoria, Bari, Geona, and Fiorentina for a spot in the top half of the league.  Inter is (and always will be) the favorite in this match-up and the club has a really great shot of at least achieving a double this season.  Got to go with the inter to continue to widen that points gap they possess over the rest of the league.

Final Prediction: Inter 2-0


A few weeks back I was singing Parma’s praises and questioning whether or not they could make a real run for a UEFA Champions League spot for next year.  Well think again.  In the tight race it has been this year Parma is out of the top ten and Palermo has taken their spot.  Road matches are never easy for newboys and this weekend should be a real test for the frustrated club.

Final Prediction: Palermo 1-0