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SATO Serie A Matches of the Week


Some interesting stories developing in this one including the potential reemergence of Alessandro Del Piero who is finally fit and will likely play winger in this match.  Udinese’s only hope, Antonio Di Natale, will miss the action with a one game suspension for poor treatment of the officials last match against Fiorentina.  this spells trouble for Udinese who has only won once without their star player scoring.  Juventus, on the other hand, is picking up steam and many of the dinged up players (Del Piero, Diego) are ready to go.

Final Prediction: Juve 3-0

AS Roma-Bari

This match I find interesting because As Roma has been among the league’s greatest disappointments this season and Bari has been among the best surprises of the season.  Still they are only separated by three points and Bari has been among the league’s best defenses and Roma has been among the league’s worst.  But on the offensive side of the ball you can reverse those two traits.  This one is a real Offense VS Defense battle.

Final Prediction: Roma 1-0


This is the actual best match of the week regarding league rank.  Fiorentina is currently fourth in the league and three points back from Juventus in second place; while Parma is in seventh place and is only a point back from their host this weekend.  A win could launch either squad into the top three with an AC Milan draw or loss, so keep your eye on this battle of top eight squads.

Final Prediction: Fiorentina 2-1