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SATO Mid-Season Awards: Most Clean Sheets

Soccer Field - Ottawa
Creative Commons License photo credit: Kasia/flickr

1) Julio Cesar- Inter

Many believe that the Brazilian is the best in the business and Inter fans are among those with the bold opinion.  Cesar has eight clean sheets this year and his side has the strongest defense of any Serie A squad.  Cesar not only wants the Serie A title this season though.  He also wants to shut down opponents in South Africa this summer.  And the scary thing is both those teams might just win it all.

2) Federico Macchetti- Cagliari

Macchetti actually has more clean sheets then Cesar does right now with nine total.  And his Cagliari side has been pleased to discover top half results and a shot at a UEFA Champions League spot next year.  Cagliari might not get the credit it deserves, but Macchetti deserves a lot of the credit.

3) Salvatore Sirigu- Palermo

Sirigu is level with Cesar and his Palermo side is thankful for the brilliant play in the net.  Palermo still has dreams of top four results (currently fifth) and Sirigu has kept them in many matches this year with courageous play in front of the net.  That is good enough to make the list in my opinion.

 4) Sebastien Frey- Fiorentina

Frey has seven clean sheets this year and the defense has kept Fiorentina’s season alive by winning low scoring matches.  they still need more of an offensive effort, but Frey in goal is giving the side a chance at winning.

5) Jean Francois Gillet- Bari

Gillet also has seven clean sheets and Bari looks like a legitimate first year squad.  Strong defense is their game plan and Gillet brings that to the table.