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SATO Mid-Season Awards: Dirtiest Club & Player

After - Van Persie's penalty against Fulham
Creative Commons License photo credit: Roubicek

Being the dirtiest player or dirtiest club in Serie A sets the standard for the rest of the world.  Lets face it folks.  The Italian league carries a certain stigma of being a little tougher then the big league’s around the rest of the globe.  In fact it was Serie A legend Zlatan Ibrahimovic who said this recently when he left Italy for Barcelona.  And I’m sure a few Italian defenders would love to re-introduce the Golden Boot winner to the back of their elbow, but for now lets take a look at this year’s contenders for the Most Dishonourable Award.

Club Catania is getting cards left and right so far this season and as of now they might have set a mark that will be untouchable for the rest of the league.  With 59 yellow cards that is the most of any major league and their six red cards is not too shabby either.  League nice guys, Bari, only have half as many total points in penalties and even second worst team in penalties Genoa has nine less then Catania currently does.  That means Catania is on a mind-blowing pace.

Matteo Contini of Napoli shares a joint lead of the most penalized player alongside teammate Salvatore Aronica.  But most impressive so far would have to be Daniele Conti who has not received a red card like the two Napoli players have.  Conti does lead the league in yellow cards with nine on the year and is tied with the other two men previously mentioned.

Matteo Contini



1 9  

Daniele Conti

Cagliari 9 0 9   Salvatore Aronica Napoli