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SATO Matches Of the Week (Sep 25-26)


No two coaches are currently feeling as much heat as Claudio Ranieri and Rafa Benitez, the two coaches of this week’s fixtures Match of the Week. And both teams need a win for very different reasons at the moment. Roma desperately needs a win because their are currently in the relegation zone and have only mustered 5 points in 5 matches at the moment. The 19th place squad needs to salvage at least a point against the treble winners. Asfor Benitez, he may not be in a stressful position on the table at the moment (his side is currently in 1st place), but talk about a tough job to take over. The expectations are very high for both of these sides and somebody will let down there fans this weekend. My guess is the home team of Roma.

Final Score: Inter 2-0


Juve has something to prove this year and the side that tied Sampdoria weekend in a 3-3 late thriller will be tested yet again by an underrated side of Cagliari this week. Cagliari actually has only scored in one match of four this season and that was two weeks back against Roma in a 5-1 thrashing, but the side has not given a goal in their other three matches either. I would expect this one to be low scoring considering this stat, but on the other side of the equation Juve has scored 8 while allowing 7 making them one of the most offense heavy squad in the league.

Final Score: Juve 1-0  


Maybe it isn’t the most exciting match on paper, but Fiorentina needs a win after their dreadful start to the year and Parma is a pretty respectable middle of the pack opponent this weekend. But Fiorentina has yet to win a single match in four attempts and the lackluster squad only has earned two points over the debut month of the season. A win this weekend would more then double that current total and perhaps things would dramatically improve from that point in time.

Final Score: 0-0 Draw