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SATO Matches of the Week (FEB 27-28)

VISTOSO - verde 02
Creative Commons License photo credit: Kent Ng.


Juventus has struggled to find any consistency this season, but the club has recently turned it around and is proving to be top four stuff once again.  They only have a point lead over the rest of the hungry pack, so the club needs the big performances right now if they want a Champions League berth for next year.  I like the squad’s chances this weekend against a strong sixth place club.  I do think that the Juve curse has been lifted.

Final Prediction: Juve 2-0


Antonio Di Natale may lead the league in goals, but Inter leads the league in the only stat that matters… points.  But this week Udinese can prove to the world that they are a solid club and that they don’t deserve to be near the relegation zone, but I wouldn’t bet on them succeeding at this theory.  Inter just beat Chelsea in the Champions League and the club looks to keep the ball rolling this weekend in league play.  Di Natale is a great player, but i think Diego Milito will take home the coveted MVP this season.

Final Prediction: Inter 3-1


Number five verses number three this weekend and if Napoli can come up big at home then they will potentially be a top four club.  I like Roma though who has been hotter then the release of a Ricky Martin CD in the 1990’s (sorry for that terrible analogy).  Roma has the offensive unit to score both at home and on the road; whereas Napoli will have to rely on tight D in order to remain in the competition.

Final Prediction: 2-1 Roma