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SATO Know the Pitch: San Nicola

One of the newer Serie A stadiums Stadio San Nicola is the home to new boys Bari.  The venue was built in 1990 for the World Cup and in total the grounds can fit around 58,000 fans.   So far this year Bari has looked solid and is perhaps a team that will be on the top flight for a while.  Stadio San Nicola is among the nicest venues in all of Italy, so it is only fair that it is finally on the top level once again. 

Stadio San Nicola is not only one of the newest stadiums in all of Italy, it is one of the nicest as well.  With facilities that have only been around for about twenty years, the interior of the grounds is much nicer then many of the more historic stadiums in Italy with fairly new locker rooms, bathrooms, and concession stands.

The most unique part of San Nicola though is the creative design of the stadium.  Shaped like a flower from an aerial view, the stadium consist of twenty-six cement shaped pedals that make up the upper tiers of the stadium.  The pedals are spread eight meters apart from one another and many consider this design the most interesting in all of Italy’s stadiums.

Host of some of the 1990 World Cup opening round and knockout matches, San Nicola has seen some of the greatest players play the game.  It was also the venue used for the 1991 European Cup final.  However, the stadium still today has never reached full capacity.