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SATO Know the Pitch: Luigi Ferraris

Stadio Luigi Ferraris is one of the few Italian stadiums that is home to multiple squads.  Genoa and Sampdoria both play their home matches on the grounds making it one of the most successful stadiums in Serie A so far this season. Genoa is usually a viable contender for Champions League seeding and Sampdoria has been the surprise team of 2009 with one of the strongest starts of any Italian squad.

The stadium is named after the former Genoa captain of the same name obviously.  Many people also refer to the venue as Marassi which is the area in which the grounds is located.  Genoa has made the venue their home for nearly one hundred years.  Their first year on the grounds was 1911.  Sampdoria, on the other hand, has only been located there since 1946. 

The stadium is one of the more modest ones in size around 35,000 seats are located in the venue making it slightly above the league average.  The stadium has also played host to two different World Cups.  The first one was way back in 1934 and the grounds played host to a classic match of Brazil and Spain.  Nearly sixty years later the stadium hosted the 1990 World Cup as well.  That time around the grounds held four opening group matches. 

The stadium (again like most Italian stadiums) underwent a complete remodeling in 1989 in order to be approved as a worthy venue for the World Cup.  Originally a stadium that could fit up to 60,000 people it was greatly reduced in size, but is still considered plenty big enough for football matches.  This year there is plenty to cheer about at the Marassi.