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SATO 2009 Serie A Awards: Worst Club

Lecce and Reggina battled it out this year for last place in the Serie A League and it would only be fair to give the award for Worst Club this season to both clubs.  The two squads fought it out until the last day, but Lecce would earn the lowest amount of points this season with 30 while Reggina would edge them out by a single point for 19th place. 

Lecce was the worst defensive club this season in Serie A football.  The club conceded 67 goals which was the most of any team in the league.  Even worse for Lecce, they were the last place club defensively at home and on the road.  Either way the first season Serie A team could not get a break and it cost them in the long run.  Lecce was last place in the league, had the fewest wins of any team, and are currently experiencing being relegated.

Reggina was not much better then Lecce, if any better at all.  Lecce was by far and away the worst defensive club and Reggina deserves the same honor on the offensive side of the ball.  Reggina only scored a pitiful 30 goals for the entire season.  Sad enough, the club was only able to muster 7 goals on the road all year.  That means that they did not score in a minimum of 12 road games.  Reggina was often embarrassed on the road and for the season was outscored 35-7 when sleeping in motels. 

Reggina will join Lecce next year in the second-tier Serie B League where both clubs will hope to reverse their misfortunes and go from worst-to-first.