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SATO 2009 Serie A Awards: League’s Biggest Baby

Sometimes choosing the League’s Biggest Baby is tough because their are so many players to choose from, but the 2008/2009 Serie A League’s Biggest Baby was an  easy decision.  The winner is David Beckham of AC Milan

As you can see Mr. Beckham was scarf-clad when he received the most dishonorable award in Serie A competition.  And why shouldn’t Beck’s where the scarf, he’s been ice cold the last five years in league competition.  Beck’s only scored 2 goals this season and had the great opportunity to start 18 games for the star-packed Milan.  Beck’s was able to manage five assists for the club, but the diva forward hasn’t scored more then five goals in league play since his move from Manchester United to Real Madrid in 2003.  And the only time Beck’s did score five goals for a club, it was the Los Angeles Galaxy in 2008.  Real Madrid was only able to get 13 league goals out of the midfielder in 4 seasons.

So what exactly happened when Beck’s walked away from Old Trafford?  It seems as if the Red Devils either traded Beckham at the peak of his career or Man U simply provided the star with a roster and chemistry that couldn’t be replaced.  Either way Beckham has had his fair share of opportunities with other worldly talented squads and despite being put on one of the best rosters in the entire world this year, he put up mediocre numbers for Milan and helped his team underachieve their potential.

David Beckham has rightfully earned the SATO’s Biggest Baby Award for the 2008/2009 season.  Beck’s would have never had a chance to win the award in the first place, if he didn’t whine his way out most of the MLS season.  Beck’s had basically won the award before the season really began. 

Congrats Beck’s and lets see if you can achieve the double this year with the MLS squad the Los Angeles Galaxy.