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SATO 2009 Serie A Awards: Best New Club

This is not the first time that Chievo Verona has deserved the honor of Serie A League’s Best New Club.  In 2001/2002, when the club made their Serie A debut, the Mussi Volanti were among the best performers of the season and concluded the year with an impressive fifth place finish.  The club was able to maintain strong play over the next four years remaining a top ten team for three of the four. 

But the 2006/2007 season saw the club relegated to Serie B.  In Serie B, Chievo Verona regained their form winning the league title and facing promotion.

This season Chievo Verona was not spectacular, but good enough to survive relegation as a first year team.  Actually at the beginning of the year Chievo Verona was arguably the worst club in the league.  The Flying Donkeys earned only nine points in their initial seventeen matches.  They also lost twelve of those first seventeen matches and only won two.  As the year went on Chievo’s performance picked up though and the club reminded fans of their championship play last year.  They were the best club in March.  During the month they won three matches, never lost, and tied once.  They only allowed one goal over the four matches as well.

Most importantly though was that Chievo Verona survived the season despite only scoring thirty-five goals and winning eight matches.  The Donkeys will be joined next season by other first-year going on second-year team Bologna.  Bologna and Chievo Verona were both able to successfully remain on the top tier at the end of the 2008/2009 season.