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SATO 2009 Serie A Awards: Best Defense

Although Juventus is disappointed with how the season ended (they finished a distant second place), they are the surpising trophy winners of the award for Best Defense.  I will admit that Inter had the best statistical numbers this season on defense, but Juventus was not far behind the club finishing the year allowing just under one goal per game.  Juventus only allowed 37 goals over the course of league play and was one of only five clubs to allow under forty goals in Serie A.  Although Juventus is frustrated with their season’s result, they still performed strong enough to be considered one of the best clubs in Italian football.

Like all great defenses in soccer, Juve has one of the world’s best players guarding the net, Italian keeper Gianluigi Buffon.  Buffon has had an amazing Italian football career as well, as an outstanding international career.  The keeper is well known for his 2006 World Cup performance in which he had a 453-minute scoreless streak and was selected to the FIFA first team.  Buffon only allowed two goals the entire World Cup: the first was an own goal and the second was off of a penalty kick in the final against France.  So in other words, the goalie never gave up a legitimate goal the entire tournament.

Buffon has also been great in the Serie A League.  He has won two titles in his career with Juve, has been named Goalie of the Year seven times, and even was named Champions League MVP in 2003.  Buffon has many trophies, but I am sure SATO League Best Defense is the centerpiece to the collection.