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Santos To Make Neymar Their Highest Paid Player

The Neymar transfer saga seems to be ending at least for now. English champions Chelsea are set to withdraw their offer as Santos are bound to make Neymar their highest paid player ever.

Many are not ready to see another rare talent go to waste and that is why there is so much hue and cry surrounding this transfer.  There is no doubt that the 18 year old is one of the country’s hottest talents, however, many including Pele and Mario Zagallo and even Brazil’s current coach Mano Menezes have expressed their desire to see Neymar stay in Brazil.

Chelsea were reportedly ready to sign Neymar for 25 million Pounds however, the realisation that Santos could be losing their best player led club president Luis Alvaro Oliveira to make Neymar a Lucrative offer to keep him in Brazil.

Santos are offering to pay Neymar 270,000 Euros per month in addition to a portion of the club’s commercial deals. Its obvious that Neymar has attracted a lot of attention. Whether he deserves it or not, is a debate for another day. What i do know, is that Chelsea will not give up on him that easy.

After signing fellow Brazilian team mate Ramires from Benfica last week, the Blues were looking to top it all up with Neymar. 40,000 Pounds per week for a teen no matter how good he is a little bit too much especially if they do not know how to handle such sums of money.

Now, don’t get me wrong Neymar is worth it, i just think that it might get to his head and affect his abilities however, that’s just my opinion. For now though, Neymar remains a Santos players.

Photo credit: from nomedigasqno_15