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Sandro Rosell – "We will never pay €50 or €60 million for Cesc"

Barcelona have been chasing Fabregas for some time now and although Arsene Wenger continues to state that he does not want to sell his captain, Barca stays committed in wanting to reunite with the Spanish midfielder.

Even with a offer of 35 million euros, Arsenal rejected the bid and continued to state that Fabregas is not for sale and the only amount they will sell him for would be double for what Barca is offering. Although that is way to much money for the midfielder, the Gunners were just saying this to prove a point which is that they have no intentions in selling Fabregas, at least not yet.

Now with Sandro Rosell as the new appointed president of Barcelona, Rosell refuses to pay an extraordinary  amount of money for Fabregas and went on to state that will never pay that much for him. Rosell went on to say the following to RAC1 :

“We will never pay €50 or €60 million for Cesc.  The whole world knows he wants to come and that we want to sign him. It’s a topic that has become so public and that’s the worst thing you can do with a transfer, because it makes the selling club raise their expectations and you end up paying over the odds.”

Although Barcelona are getting ready to make a 40 million euro bid for Fabregas, Arsenal are not in a hurry to sell and the possibility of Cesc Fabregas making the switch seems to continue to vanish but Barcelona refuse to give up. Although Arsene Wenger is still not ready to let go of Fabregas, Sandro Rosell will be having talks with the Arsenal manager in which both sides will look at what can happen.

Think Cesc Fabregas will find his way to Barcelona this summer? Would you rather have him at Arsenal or making a move to Barcelona? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.