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Samuel Eto'o says the claims made against him by Pep were false

When Barcelona traded Samuel Eto’o to Inter Milan in exchange for Zlatan Ibrahimovic, I was stunned as to why Barca would make such a trade. Although Ibra was definitely a player on the rise, Samue Eto’o, in my opinion, was far more dangerous than the Swedish striker.

Pep Guardiola viewed the Cameroon striker as a problem child for the club and said he was a negative presence in the locker room. However, Eto’o went on to deny these claims in a statement made to L’Equipe Mag.


“When Guardiola wanted me out, Messi went to him and said, ‘Let whoever you want go, but not Samuel’. All my coaches will tell you that I am a great professional. I’ve not always been a role model in terms of discipline, but I have always been rigorous and professional. I’ve played and I’ve been successful with Ronaldinho, with Messi – with many great players – and if I couldn’t stand playing with other great players, why would I have helped bring my friend Thierry Henry to Barcelona? I don’t fear for my place – on the contrary, I work for the success of the team. When Ronaldinho arrived at Barcelona, they did not win anything. After my arrival, we won it all.”

Think Guardiola was at fault for the departure of Samuel Eto’o? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.