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Sampdoria Ready For Champions League Action

Penalty KickThe Serie A season has yet to begin, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t some important football matches to be played this week. Sampdoria will be playing Champions League football for the first time in 18 years this season. In fact it is the first time the Italian squad will be playing in the Champions League since it officially became that title and not the European Cup.

And realistically Sampdoria’s chances of taking home the title are about as good as my chances of a date with Megan Fox, but there is always a little bit of hope for the underdog. And Sampdoria certainly wasn’t granted a favorable draw this Champions League either.

The club will battle German side Werder Bremen over the next two weeks and the winner of the two match aggregate battle will advance to the group stage of the tournament. The only good news regarding the unfavorable Werder Bremen match-up is the fact that the team is currently evaluating the transfer of star forward Masut Ozil. And the Sampdoria-Werder Bremen match is one of the 10 matches that will begin this week for the remaining 10 spots in the tournament and the Serie A side will heavily rely on the play of secondary striker Antonio Cassano who was overlooked for the World Cup by Marcello Lippi and the Italian national team this summer.

Cassano did see some action on the pitch, but only because a fan rushed onto the highly televised grounds donning a shirt with the player’s name on it. At least he received a tribute from an adoring fan at the event though.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Umberto Fistarol