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Sampdoria Ignore Cassano’s Apologizes

Well, despite his passionate apology Sampdoria have given their top striker Antonio Cassano the cold shoulder. Turning a blind eye to Cassano’s pleas, the club’s latest actions reveal that they are not ready to accept such errant behaviour within their ranks.

A statement released by the club read:

“No reaction from the part of the club.”

This was as reported by La Republicca. It is becoming very apparent that the club’s initial demands of terminating Cassano’s contract could happen.

Cassano and club president Riccardo Garonne were involved in a heated argument during a training session where Cassano loudly abused Garonne. Of course the club executives were not happy with his actions and requested Garonne to do the only logical thing and terminate his contract.

Now, here is the problem. Cassano is Sampdoria’s leading goal scorer this season and a major reason why the club is sitting in 6th position. So can Garonne terminate his contract knowing that he could very well be signing the club’s death certificate?

Considering all factors at play, he will most likely end Cassano’s contract. When a man’s ego has been hurt, you can be sure he will do all that is in his power to make it right-in this case, getting even with the offending figure.

Reports emerging state that Cassano was ready to ask Sampdoria if he could train with the rest of his team mates from Tuesday onwards. Just to give my two cents worth, Sampdoria should take all measures to ensure that an incident like this does not happen again-even if it means terminating Cassano’s contract. However, they should also be ready to sepnd heavily on acquiring a replacement of his calibre.

Photo credit: from photoreti