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Sampdoria Bounced From UEFA Champions League

Grazie al PazzoAs the old saying goes, “close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades.”

Sampdoria nearly won their first two match aggregate battle against Werder Bremen to advance on to the UEFA Champions League group tables, but the club struggled to defend very late in the match in extra time and the result would be costly to the Serie A side.

Heading into the match down 3-1 from the first leg in Germany, the Italian side would need many goals in order to overcome the great deficit. And they would get exactly that in the early effort from Giampaolo Pazzini. The Italian-born national team member secured the equaliser off of a set piece in the 13th minute via the brilliant volley lasered into the right corner of the net.  It would be Pazzini’s second of the match following the early header off of a cross from Cassano.

And Cassano would continue to remind Marcelo Lippi of his mistake for excluding him from the World Cup roster by placing Sampdoria’s third goal into the net and give them the aggregate lead 4-3. But late defensive lapses would create a heart breaker finish for the Italian team. 

Bremen man Markus Rosenberg would score early into extra time on a decent ranged shot from just inside the box. The Sampdoria defense left Rosenberg nearly uncontested for the shot.  Rosenberg’s goal would be topped seconds later by teammate Claudio Pizarro. Pizzarro buried a long shot from well outside the box to secure the victory for the German side and the club’s two goal extra-time effort created one of the most unbelievable comebacks against the unlucky Serie A side. And despite the excellent efforts from Cassano and Pazzini, it would be Pizzarro that would leave the lasting memory on the match. 

Sampdoria lost aggregately 5-4 to Werder Bremen.

Creative Commons License photo credit: alemaxale