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Salt Lake Gets Their Crack at Columbus Tonight

6 ET rolls around and my adopted Real Salt Lake squad gets their first crack at the Columbus Crew.  I’m going to keep the jock-sniffing to a minimum, but I’m really excited about RSL.

Jason Kreis leads the men of Salt Lake into Rio Tinto Stadium to begin their bid for the MLS Cup against the undisputed best team in the league the Crew from Columbus.  This is a tale of two VERY different teams and two VERY different sets of circumstances.

I don’t think anybody can remember a point in the season when Columbus was NOT the hottest commodity in the MLS, and I cannot remember a time when everyone was saying “Man, them boys from Salt Lake are really somethin’!”  So, we have a tale of two teams who find themselves having a reversal of fortune.  Columbus backed into the playoffs by allowing New England in.  Salt Lake had to win game after game to get in and now they meet.  The converging of the two trains simply means somebody is going to be really disappointed.

I know these are not “one and done” playoff games, but if you even draw you’re putting yourself in a bad position.  With that being said the real question is:

Is Salt Lake just “happy to be here”of is Columbus on a mission?

Maybe it’s both…

I’m hoping the Salt Lake is more than happy to be here but that they are ready to take Columbus to task.  Personally, I think that will make the semifinals more interesting, but I can’t say that I have a good handle on who will show up.  For my money (and I’m not a betting man, but if I were…) I’d go with RSL.  It just seems like the smart thing to do…