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Run, Ronaldo, Run

Cristiano Ronaldo is fearless.  Take this picture for example.  Is that a man purse?  No it is not. 

It is a tote bag a man is using to carry his personal belongings in.  A purse is much more feminine then this item and this, sir, belongs to a world champion footballer. 

So now that we’ve got that out of the way you know Real Madrid’s record signing doesn’t fool around.  Especially when he is running errands.  And if Cristiano Ronaldo wants to fearlessly wield a man purse in public then I say let him.  And if he wants to make it back in time for his late November match against Barcelona then I say lets wheel him out there.  PLEASE!!!

Lets face it.  Love him or hate him, everyone in the world wants to watch this match partly because of our purse-clad friend’s presence.  If you ever wanted to go to any Chicago Bulls game it would be in the 1990’s with MJ or a New England Patriots game the present day with Brady.  Stars simply attract bigger audiences then average Joe’s and that’s the way it always will be.

I realize that Cristiano Ronaldo likes to play the card that he is just one member of the team and one link in the long, continous chain.  But when you are as big a name as Ronaldo is then you can never really be just that small inticate part of an assembly line.  Ronaldo is Real Madrid’s shiny new machine and whatever happens by season’s end he will likely shoulder much of the blame.  If he plays and loses then he does not match the high level of expectations and if he sits and they lose (like they have been recently) then the star is just that much more to blame.

Ronaldo expects to be back soon though.  The star began running a week ago and he has a special date set up on his calender for his latest possible return.  That date is November 29th against Barcelona.

Now that Mr. Ronaldo has added the calender, he just needs to lose the purse.