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RSL to Meet the Galaxy For The MLS Cup!

1 for 2 isn’t bad when you’re picking Soccer matches and last night the boys from Salt Lake came through and defeated the Fire 5-4 in Penalty Kicks.  I’d take total credit for picking this one, but RSL didn’t manhandle the Fire like I thought they would, but now I think we something else we need to discuss concerning the two teams who will vie for the MLS cup this season…”hand”

The Galaxy exhibited a great deal of “hand” on Friday by handling a defensive that I picked based purely on defense (when I should have known better.)  This became Exhibit A in David Beckham’s defense as an effective Soccer player.  When it comes down to it he can emotionally lead a team through the late stages of a title run (because he’s done it before.)  He’s not the most effective midfielder in the game (never was) but he is a better LEADER than many other midfielders who are purely more skilled than he is.  Landon Donovan is the “nuts and bolts” of this “hand” because while Becks is pushing the team psychologically Landon is beating the other team with his feet.  Basically, you put the two of them together and you a “Sensei of Soccer”.  One, the kung fu master and the other the one who can move objects with his mind.  How else could they have gone from worst to first but with this rare combination of mental toughness and physical skill.  With the Bulls of the 90’s MJ was both the “feet” and the “mind” but I would compare these Galaxy to the Lakers of the 80’s.  Magic was the “feet” whereas Kareem and a firey James Worthy were the “mind” and that team went to the finals 9 times in 10 years.  So, the “Sensei” is in:

As much as RSL is my adopted team and I’m so happy that they beat the Fire I can’t, in good conscience, pick them to win the MLS Cup when the “Sensei of Soccer” is coming for them.  Sorry Salt Lake…you hit the wrong team at the wrong time.  No other team you’ve played recently has had this ‘Sensei” combination and certainly not in the “Player of the Decade” and an international superstar.  The Galaxy have drawn RSL and lost to them.  Unfortunately, I don’t see how they will allow that to happen again.  RSL, it has been a nice run, you’re still my team, but this isn’t your time.  Keep doing what you’re doing and enjoy the ride you’ve started (and continue it next year.)

I’m calling it now:   Galaxy – 3   RSL – 1