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RSL Spoils it for the Crew

took 3 unanswered goals to the Columbus Crew tonight and the Crew (the best team in the league all season) is out.  I only have one thing to say…MAN, did I pick the right team to adopt or what!?

There’s something about this win for RSL that screams inflation and deflation.  On one hand RSL is on top of the world, probably thinking (as is best) that they can run the table and win the MLS Cup.  On the other hand Columbus must be highly deflated concerning most people had them penciled into the MLS Cup Final.

If you’re the Crew you’re sitting in the locker room wondering how you got here.  I’ll tell you how…

You completely overlooked a team that should have been able to beat.  You overlooked them so badly that they shut you out once and then they put 3 unanswered goals on you a few days later and you were left standing with you Title defense in your hands at home.  What’s worse?  The boos from the fans or the fact that this season’s version of the Crew was completely ill-equipped to play big-time pressure games?  If you’re a Crew fan I apologize.  This team laid the egg of all eggs and they need to re-evaluate before they repeat this scene again next year.

If you’re an RSL fan you need to keep your butt in the seat for a minute.  Let me ask you a question?  Do you think your boys can sustain this throughout the playoffs?  Do you think this is a fluke?  Are you happy with your “moral victory”, or do you want more than that?  I hope you want more, but it will come at a huge price.  This may not even be enough.  You could feel like you’re on Cloud 9 and find out tomorrow that you guys were good, but not good enough.  Temper yourselves RSL fans.  Your boys CAN do this, but we first must discover if this is enough.  (For my money, defeating the defending champs is enough, but Soccer doesn’t always work that way.)