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RSL and Chicago Tangle For a Shot at the Cup

RSL and Chicago are going to square off on Saturday in a match where the Fire of Chicago have the unenviable task of playing the one team in the entire that no one wants a piece of anymore.  If you asked me this is the perfect storm for the boys from Salt Lake and the worst storm for the Windy City squad.

RSL sports Robbie Findley with 12 goals and Yura with his 8 and an assist machine in Clint Mathis.  The coup in all of this is that Robbie Findley also has 4 assists so really you have to pick your poison.  In the Western Final it’s much more cut and dry who to stop and who to allow to run all over the field.  In this matchup the Fire have to stop Robbie Findley entirely AND try to shut down Yura.  Just doing one or the other leaves you exposed since they have 20 goals between them and if you leave one of them alone Clint Mathis will get them the ball.

On the other hand, RSL will have the same problem with Chicago.  They have 5 guys with 4 or more goals each and one of those guys has 8 assists to boot.  So, how do you combat such a balanced team?  Position play.  A team like Chicago thrives on you NOT being in position so they can just exploit the weaknesses you show.  If RSL stays in position Chicago will have rare opportunities (or none at all) on net and that’s what RSL needs to survive because they are relying on just a couple guys to make this thing work.

Considering the run RSL has been on I’ll have no choice but to go with their discipline (which has gotten them this far) and assume that they can crank out a victory.

RSL – 2   Chicago – 1