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Royston Drenthe Growing Tired of Hercules?

It looks like Royston Drenthe is growing tired of being in Hercules as the Dutchman refused to train with the Alicante’s for eight days. Although reports stated that the problem was because of the amount of money he was receiving, Drenthe is claiming it’s the ‘Lack of confidence’ that’s causing him to not participate in training.

However, Drenthe is now stating that his issue with the club has now been resolved. Royston went on to say the following:

“We have talked a lot, and now the issue has been made clear. At the moment I am happy with the explanations that the club has given me. All I want to do is to work hard for Hercules. I understand people might think this was for money, but the reason was more the loss of confidence. If someone tells me one thing and then does not do it, it affects me. I am not saying it was wrong what I did, nor will I say it was the best way, but I thought I had to. My father and other people have told me that it was not the way, but I cannot say that I did it for no reason. I apologize to the fans who are upset, because they have had nothing to do with it. The days I was not in Alicante I was not so happy. I was with my family but I was thinking a lot about the subject.”

Think that money was really the issue? Can Real Madrid use Drenthe now that Diarra is hoping a move away from the Bernabeu? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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