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Roy Hodgson declares himself the man to lead Liverpool under NESV

With the deal finally confirmed, ratified, concluded and every alternative term one might wish to consider appropriate to describe the agreed closure of a business deal, Liverpool Football Club are now looking forward. Debts are no longer on the agenda and yet, happily, things like stadium development, squad strengthening, transfer budgets and potential title winning teams are. Liverpool Football Club are on the up. The new owners, somewhat suitably called the New England Sports Ventures group, have removed all club debt, which has previously been placed on the club by Tom Hicks and George Gillett, and promised new transfer funds. All in all, it is estimated, that their investment is close to £300 million and they have suggested that should more be needed than it will be made available. The strategy, apparently, is long term. The new American owners have pledged not to pay themselves a divided for the foreseeable future and would, preferably, only wish to realise a profit through the capital value appreciation of the club. Understanding that the club was purchased for close to £300 million it is difficult to imagine that the owners might end up making a loss and it is far more likely that in time they will make a substantial profit, should they eventually choose to sell the club.

How players like Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard will respond to the news is not yet quite clear although when the British High Court confirmed the right that NESV had to conclude the deal, against the obvious wishes of the previous owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett, some reports suggested that the likes of Jamie Carragher and Steven Gerrard were elated with the news and hopeful of a new beginning for their football club. Liverpool fans are not quite sure, as a collective, how to react to the new American owners. Many want to welcome them with open arms as saviours but others are far more sceptical and want to see proof of their intentions before they afford them any particular emotion. It appears, for the majority, the jury is still out, perhaps quite rightly so, considering previous experiences. Liverpool fans are frustrated at the short term prospects facing their club, not only the longer term ones. Their team is languishing near the bottom of the table and appears a long way off any good form. Roy Hodgson has, however, stated that he is sure he is the right man to take Liverpool back to the top of the table, where their history suggests they deserve to be.