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Rossi Targets Inter

Consegna_Coppa_Italia. Inter-Roma 11/05/2006Villarreal forward Giuseppe Rossi desires a move over to his parents homeland of Italy. And of course if you desire a move to Serie A then what team would be better to join then Inter Milan? And with Mario Balotelli on his way out the door of the treble winning squad, young Rossi would be a welcomed addition as the critical reserve man off of the bench for the forwards unit.

And all of us Yanks already know how much Rossi respects the Italian football culture and the forward even gave up his chance to play for the Stars and Stripes in hope of starring for the Azzurri. But Rossi was overlooked by Marcelo Lippi after struggling last season in La Liga and his Yellow Submarine squad struggled as well falling to middle of the pack results.

And Rossi hopes for playing in the World Cup were a summer too late considering his excellent form in the Confederations Cup. But with a move to Inter, Rossi would be launched up the Italian national team board and not making the squad last summer could be a blessing in disguise for the young American born forward considering how awful the expected powerhouse nation played.

But for now Rossi isn’t focused on national team football in Italy, but a potential league move to the Serie A giants:

I am very happy at Villarreal and owe them a great deal. However, I could never say no to a side like Inter. My phone is always on. It’s an honor to be linked with the champions of Italy and Europe, but for the moment there has been no official contact. I would only leave Villarreal if the call came from a big club. I am ready for a team like Inter.

Creative Commons License photo credit: batrax